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Wool 6-Panel Barney Duckbill Cap


Our Barney Cap offers you the vintage-styled look with the Walker & Hawkes finish.

Duckbill Caps are similar to Flat Caps in that they both have stiffened, small peaks. The Duckbill Cap differs by being slightly more rounded and slopes down towards the front, like a Duck’s bill (hence the name). Also they usually have panels at the top joined in the centre – similar to a Baker Boy Cap but without the button.

Also known as Ivy Caps, they were first popularised by the general public because of its functionality and warmth. Upper-class men then embraced the style – using it for its undeniable style, and functionality for sport hunting and shooting.

Our Barney Cap is suitable for all weather conditions. During summer, the peak will keep the Sun out your eyes while its breathability and lightweight design will keep you cool and dry.
In colder, wetter conditions its water-resistance will help keep you dry and the solid feel will help keep your head warm.
Complements our range of country clothing perfectly. Explore our range of country shirts, jackets, gilets and more.

Be sure to accurately measure your head and check against our size guide to get the deep, solid fit you should expect from a Walker & Hawkes cap.

Protect the longevity of your hat by hand-washing your product.

  • Durable – woven extremely tight so is durable.
  • Shower-proof – wool is naturally water-resistant.
  • Solid-feel – as usual, Walker and Hawkes hats give you a deep fit so it feels snug and firm around your head. Be sure to check our size guide.
  • Resistant to creases and wrinkles – wool has a natural elasticity which prevents it from being creased easily. 
  • Available in Olive, Maroon, Grey Herringbone and Blue Herringbone
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses, including: shooting, hiking, horse-riding, farming, fashion, outerwear, dog walking and more!

Key Features

  • Outer shell is made from 40% Wool and 60% Polyester.
  • Internal lining is made from 100% Polyester with diamond quilted padding.
  • Stitched down pre-formed peak.

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Grey Herringbone, Maroon, Navy Herringbone, Olive