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Men's Baseball Caps

Our men’s baseball caps are the ideal choice for achieving a polished smart-casual look. Also known as ball caps, peak caps, or skip caps, our selection is crafted from either high-quality tweed or 100% waxed cotton. Combining a contemporary style with these timeless fabrics to create the perfect accessory for the discerning country gentleman. 

You can opt for the durable Derby Tweed or Waxed Cotton styles, or elevate your look with our premium offerings, such as the Harris Tweed Brungton Cap or the Wax Stallington Cap, both featuring a luxurious suede leather peak. For added comfort on chilly days, consider our Ellwood Cap, equipped with foldable ear-flaps to keep your ears snug and warm.

Enhance your men’s baseball cap by pairing it with our extensive collection of outdoor clothing, including coordinating tweed and wax options. Experience this enduring style today with Walker & Hawkes.

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