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Men's Tweed Caps & Hats

Tweed, a timeless fabric with a history spanning centuries. This fabric has been a steadfast companion in keeping heads warm and protected. Crafted from tightly woven dyed wool, tweed boats a diverse range of weights, weaves and colours. At Walker & Hawkes, we’ve taken the enduring charm of tweed to create a selection of men’s tweed caps & hats, each designed to complement your style. 

From the iconic flat cap and baseball cap, to the trendy baker boy caps and classic deerstalker hats, we offer a variety to suit every taste. Whether you opt for the Derby Tweed, which seamlessly combines durability and style, or the famous 100% hand-woven Harris Tweed, these pieces will not only stand the test of time but also elevate your look.

We’ve been developing men’s tweed caps & hats for over 20 years, so have gained invaluable insights and experience along the way. Rest assured, you can rely on Walker & Hawkes for uncompromising quality. All our hats are ready for immediate dispatch today, so explore our collection today.

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