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Men's Wax Jackets

Shop Walker & Hawkes for your men’s wax jackets. With over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing this classic style, we’re the experts you can trust for your British-made waxed jackets.

We have a selection of different styles available to buy today. Unpadded wax jackets, 3-in-1 jackets, stockman coats, wax motorcycle jackets and more. All our waxed jackets are authentically made in the UK. From the source of wax fabric to the manufacturing process itself.

Waxed cotton has been popular for centuries due to its durability and stylish appearance. Our wax fabric is waterproof and ages beautifully with extended use. You can even further extend the life of your wax garments by using our Waxed Cotton Dressing for reproofing.

So whether you need extra weather protection or simply want a stylish and effortless look, Walker & Hawkes has the perfect men’s wax jackets for you. Shop today and experience the quality for yourself.

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