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Men's Wax Caps & Hats

Dive into our assortment of men’s wax caps & hats today and discover why waxed cotton ranks among Britain’s most beloved clothing materials. Waxed cotton stands out as one of the most versatile and practical fabrics available. Its exceptional utility shines for outdoor enthusiasts seeking attire suitable for all weather conditions and a wide range of activities.

Also referred to as oilskin, waxed canvas, or simply ‘wax’, this material boasts remarkable waterproofing and breathability. When properly cared for, it can last many years to come.

With over four decades of experience crafting waxed garments, you can trust us for the expert finishing of your waxed goods.

Choose a style which suits you. Our classic wax flat cap and baker boy cap are perfect for those looking for that timeless charm. Or go for our waxed bucket hat, seamlessly combining contemporary flair with age-old reliability. Offering an array of other styles, and with matching jackets and gilets – we’re sure to have something for you. So explore our collection of men’s wax caps & hats for swift and secure delivery.

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