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Wax Gilets

Our men’s wax gilets are a must-have for country folks. They’re made from durable British waxed cotton and are expertly crafted in-house in the UK. We’ve been producing these country gilets for over 40 years, so we’ve perfected the process, ensuring you get a functional and long-lasting product.

These wax gilets, also known as wax vests, are perfect for both style and functionality. Wear them for a vintage look in the city, as a durable sleeveless jacket in the countryside, or for an extra layer to keep you warm during chilly British winters.

Waxed cotton has been around since the 15th century as a way for Scottish fishermen to waterproof their sails without affecting its efficiency. Back then, they used fish oils – different to the superior paraffin or natural beeswax-based wax we use today. Leftover pieces of cloth were used as capes to keep the fishermen dry. This evidently worked well as waxed cotton is now a very popular fabric to use for jackets and was even adopted by British forces for World War 2!

Take care of your Waxed products with our Waxed Cotton Dressing. Improving its longevity and waterproof capabilities – you’ll not need another gilet for a long time!

Choose from our vintage-styled Winchester Gilet or the Lincoln Gilet – which features a classy diamond quilted outer shell. We have a range of wax jackets and hats to choose from to complete the country look.

Our men’s wax gilets are available for shipping today for quick and safe delivery. Discover your country look today with Walker & Hawkes.

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