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Men's Harrington Jackets

Discover our lightweight men’s Harrington jackets. A timeless style for every season. Authentically made in the UK.

A classic style that effortlessly transitions from spring to autumn. Originally designed as a stylish golf jacket, it skyrocketed in popularity after being donned by legendary figures such as Elvis Presley, James Deen, and Frank Sinatra. The name “Harrington” finds its roots in a character named Ryan Harrington, who sported this iconic jacket during the 1960s prime-time soap opera, “Peyton Place.”

As a staple wardrobe item, our Harrington jacket exudes undeniable style. Its lightweight design and roomy fit make it versatile for year-round wear. Whether you’re looking to dress up or dress down, these jackets, also known as bomber jackets or blouson-style jackets, effortlessly meet your fashion needs. 

We have a selection of outdoor clothing to combine with the Harrington jacket – shirts, knitwear, caps and hats available. 

Our men’s Harrington jackets are available to ship today for quick delivery. Find your outdoor clothing today at Walker & Hawkes.

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