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Harris Tweed

Discover Harris Tweed Clothing

Harris tweed is a wonderful fabric renowned the world over for its quality, durability, longevity, practicality and timeless style.

Every metre of Harris Tweed meets exacting standards, and only the finest fabrics made in the traditional way are allowed to carry the Harris Tweed label. Hand-woven on traditional looms, hand-dyed with natural colours that reflect the stunning Outer Hebrides landscapes, and then turned into beautiful, hard-wearing and stylish garments – what more could you want?

Harris Tweed products for everyone

Thanks to its versatility, Harris Tweed is the perfect choice for a whole range of Walker and Hawkes classics for men, women and kids. From the smaller pieces that are great for completing your country look – such as hats, caps and gloves – through to statement pieces like waistcoats and blazers, our Harris Tweed range has something for everyone.

For more about this wonderful fabric, read our article on What’s So Special About Harris Tweed Cloth?

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