What Should You Wear On A Clay Pigeon Shooting Game?

What Should You Wear On A Clay Pigeon Shooting Game?

There is no formal etiquette or dress code for clay shooting, which may make putting together the right outfit even more challenging. First and foremost, if the dress code is not mentioned on the invitation and you’re unsure about the dress code, you can seek to clarify with the host. If not, inquire as to whether the shooting game is an official or a casual one. Being appropriately and well-dressed during a formal shooting game is viewed as a sign of respect for your host and the quarry.

Above all, whatever you choose to wear, be sure you have dressed appropriately for the weather.

Here are some style and functional tips on what you can wear on a clay pigeon shooting. 

Shooting Jacket Style And Material

Think about how frequently you plan to shoot during the shooting season. If you’re are planning to do it often, you may consider investing in a machine-washable shooting jacket.

A water-repellent coating on a garment provides great insulation, retaining heat within while repelling water to the outside. Even if you plan on wearing a fleece or tweed gilet, bring a waterproof shooting jacket in case of bad weather.

Shooting Jacket – Formal Shooting Game

For a formal shoot, a technical shooting jacket or traditional tweed is a conservative choice. Ensure that your shooting jacket has some form of waterproof feature to help you stay dry in wet weather. For the gentlemen, you may pick tweed that has been treated with a fabric protector, such as the tweed shooting hunting country jacket.

Shooting Jacket – Casual Shooting Game

For a casual shoot, some prefer to use a fleece jacket or gilet instead of the usual tweed jacket, especially if the game falls on a warmer day. If you are opting for a fleece jacket, ensure that it does not constrain your movements. For the ladies, the ladies derby tweed shooting country jacket is a stylish and good choice.

Knitwear and Layering

Wear a thermal base layer underneath your shirt if it’s cold outside. Base layers made of fine merino wool are sweat-wicking and breathable.

Shooting Vest or Waistcoat

A tweed waistcoat or shooting vest is traditionally worn below a jacket as a warming mid-layer by both men and women.

Clay Shooting Hat

A great shooting hat should have a stiff peak to assist shield your head and face from errant clay bits, in addition to keeping you warm on a cool day.

Shooting Gloves

Investing in a set of shooting gloves that protect your fingertips from the weather without adding weight or compromising finger sensitivity is a fantastic option. They will also shield your hands from the heat of your barrels, which can come to the point of burning them during clay shooting.


When preparing a day of shooting outside, it’s critical to consider your feet. Cold, damp feet may ruin a beautiful day of photography, so make sure they’re well taken care of. You’ll be wandering on a variety of terrains during a day of shooting, so bring comfortable shoes with thick bottoms so you can completely enjoy your clay shoot.

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