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100% Lambswool Chaderton Scarf


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Introducing our luxurious 100% Charderton Lambswool Scarf, an epitome of luxury and comfort in a single accessory. Measuring a 30cm in width and length of 180cm, this exquisite scarf provides extensive coverage while retaining its versatility for a myriad of styling possibilities.

Crafted with care in Britain, this scarf showcases the rich heritage of British textiles. Our lambswool is sourced from Mallalieus of Delph, a renowned company with roots dating back to 1856. Mallalieus of Delph remains one of Britain’s last vertical mills, with every process being carried out at one location.  Founded with a mission to collaborate with local weavers in their homes, Mallalieus of Delph specializes in working predominantly with natural fibers in beautiful melange shades. The collection features a range of rustic British wools and Shetlands, which are known for their durable and traditional qualities. These are beautifully complemented by the softer textures of lambswool and luxurious cashmere, adding diversity to the range and catering to different preferences and needs.

Experience the exceptional qualities of lambswool firsthand. Its fibers are smoother, stronger, and hold more elasticity than other wools, ensuring lasting durability and resilience. Softer and lighter than New Wool, lambswool also boasts excellent insulation properties, providing warmth without added bulk. Additionally, its gentle touch makes it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Whether you are facing brisk winds or seeking to imbue your attire with a touch of refinement, this exquisite scarf seamlessly blends functionality with enduring elegance.

Enhance your winter wardrobe by adding our exquisitely crafted British-made Lambswool Scarf. This luxurious accessory epitomizes exceptional quality, rich heritage, and timeless style that is sure to elevate any outfit during the colder months. Perfect for both men and women, this scarf not only provides warmth and comfort but also showcases a sense of sophistication and elegance that is synonymous with British craftsmanship.

Cleaning instructions: To maintain the quality of your Charderton scarf, it is recommended to hand wash only.


Black, Navy, Blackwatch, Camel Stewart, Grey Thompson, Holyrood, MacLaren Tartan, Meadow Mist, Timber Tartan, Uranium