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Why Wear Wool Clothing? 5 Amazing Benefits To Consider

Why Wear Wool Clothing? 5 Amazing Benefits To Consider

Modern wool fabrics are among the most suitable for high-performance activities such as hunting. With a range of benefits that cross the span of both form and function, here’s why you should wear wool clothing while out on a hunt.

Breathable, Warm and Insulating

Sheep have to weather all sorts of climate conditions, be it scorching sun, chilly rain, whistling winds or the freezing snow. How do they manage to do all this and keep their body temperature well-regulated? The answer is their wool and the air pockets within the material.

When it’s warm, these air pockets allow for advanced airflow that keeps you well-ventilated. The material also wicks away sweat and releases moisture into the air. When it’s cool, these air pockets work to trap your body heat close to your skin, preventing it from escaping.

Wicks Away Moisture

As we mentioned, wool keeps sweat away. The material absorbs moisture from your skin, allowing it to evaporate into the air. Wool can also soak up to a staggering 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet! Compare this to polyester, which absorbs 0.4%, and nylon, which absorbs 4.5% Wool also comprises hydrophobic fibers, which work to repel exterior moisture such as rain and snow.


If you’re performing any sort of high-performance activity, odor is a definite concern. This is especially true for hunting – if your prey is warned of your approach by your scent, he’ll be gone before you even stand a chance. Body odor is caused by a growth of bacteria, and wool has natural antimicrobial properties that prevent bacteria from growing on its fibers. With wool clothing on your hunt, you’ll be able to smell fresher for longer.

Another benefit of wool that comes in useful on a hunt is the fact that it’s silent. Wool won’t crinkle or flap in the wind. Lastly, wool also absorbs heat, which means that you’re even less likely to attract your quarry since you’re not wearing a reflective material.

Soft on Skin

Most wool won’t irritate your skin. Instead, the feel of wool is soft, silky and comforting. If you’re in the thick of winter and need a hard-wearing outer layer, wear something made of wool as an inner layer to keep comfortable.


Wool is a sustainable material. Coming from domestic sheep, it is natural and easily-renewable. It is also recyclable, since any excess material can be transformed into products such as rugs. Natural wool fibers are also quick to break down; this is essentially a biodegradable material. Wool also uses much less oil energy to produce compared to other common materials such as acrylic, polyester or nylon.

Finally, wool is an extremely strong material. While elastic enough that it can stretch and retain its original shape, it is also particularly durable – able to bend up to 20, 000 times over itself without breaking.

Wool on the Hunt

If you’re introducing your children to hunting, wool is a particularly good material to start out with for their gear given how comfortable it is. Try them out with a wool gilet or a wool derby coat.

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