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Why Do Hunters Wear Tweed?

Why Do Hunters Wear Tweed?

Tweed is an age-old tough fabric made from wool that originated in Scotland in the 18th century. This material has shown its usefulness throughout history, from its humble beginnings as a durable cloth used by peasants for labor to its embrace by the middle and upper classes and, more recently, its popularization by top designers. Tweed was traditionally preferred by the working classes because of its tenacity, insulation, and wind-resistance capabilities, which makes it an ideal outfit for hunters. Tweed can also endure damp conditions without needing to be treated, which is a highly desirable trait. Continue reading if you want more deets on why hunters love wearing tweed.


Tweed clothing has a trendy look resembling a high-end design with appealing colors and patterns. Tweed fabric, moreover, typically has patterning that isn’t present in other types of fabrics. Tweed outfits, for example, are frequently made with the herringbone pattern — a v-shaped design that looks like a chevron pattern. It is also frequently referred to as a broken twill weave pattern.

Cold Resistant

Tweed can keep you warm in the winter. Due to their woolen structure, tweed garments are warmer than most other materials. Tweed isn’t a naturally occurring material, contrary to common assumptions. Rather, it’s made of densely woven wool in a twill or herringbone pattern. Wearing tweed-made clothes will warm you up throughout the winter months when you’re out hunting. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Keeps Moisture At Bay

Walker and Hawkes tweed outfits are waterproof due to the permeable membrane we have inserted between the layer of cloth and interlining, which offers improved moisture protection than other types of apparel. Tweed suits’ moisture-resistant characteristics can be best understood by first looking at their structure. They are constructed of wool, as previously stated.

Wool, particularly sheep wool, includes lanolin, a natural liquid component that resists moisture. So, if you have to go hunting while the weather is bad or if you’re faced with unpredictable weather conditions, a tweed jacket is a great option that will keep you dry.

Durable And Comfortable

Woolen clothing isn’t known for its durability. Wool is a delicate fiber that, like other soft fabrics, may be damaged when overworked. But tweed differs from other fabrics in that it has wool that is intricately intertwined, which defends it from breakage. If you’re sick of wasting money on new hunting attire only to have them fall apart a few months later, the tweed fabric might be the solution to your outdoor fashion woes.

Plus, they’re also really comfy. Tweed has a soft touch due to its tightly woven woolen structure. You can wear a ladies Derby tweed shooting country jacket all day without worrying about it itching your skin or causing other irritabilities. The woolen composition of all tweed outfits is gentle and smooth on the body. As a result, they are comfortable to wear for extended periods while you focus on hunting for your prey.

Tweed’s durability ensures that it will keep the user warm on cooler days. It’s also extremely long-lasting and naturally wrinkle-resistant. Traditionally crafted in earthy tones for a classic, effortless, and elegant look, tweed is quite adaptable and may be used for a variety of occasions when you’re heading outdoors, not only hunting.

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