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The top Ladies’ hat styles this autumn 


As summer fades and autumn arrives, it’s time to switch up our wardrobes to reflect the changing landscapes around us. One accessory that’s both stylish and practical for the season is women’s hats. 

They come in a variety of classic and modern styles that can elevate any ensemble while providing protection from the elements. 

From casual caps to sophisticated brimmed hats, the right choice can capture the essence of autumn and enhance your personal style. So, let’s embrace the rustling leaves, pumpkin-spiced everything and cooler temperatures with the perfect hat to top off our autumn outfits. 

A Classic Charm: The Dalby

The Dalby hat is not only the perfect practical choice for the season, but it also adds a touch of romance to any outfit. Made from cosy wool felt fabric, this hat is durable and stylish. The diamond crown and real cowhide leather trim add a touch of sophistication, while the wide brim provides protection from the sun and wind. The natural water-resistance of wool will keep you dry during light showers, and the hand-made inner sweatband will keep you comfortable on warmer days. 

Perfectly suited to autumn adventures, from romantic walks to shopping sprees, the felt fabric is an excellent temperature regulator, trapping heat in tiny air pockets within the fibres to keep you warm – dress it with your favourite sweater and jeans.

Key benefits: 

  • 100% Wool Felt – made from a durable, stylish and functional fabric. A soft, velvety surface for a luxurious feel.
  • All-weather hat – showerproof and a natural insulator, so keeps you warm and dry during winter. Lightweight and breathable to keep you cool during hot and humid days – with the wide-brim offering protection for your eyes from the Sun.
  • Durable – the natural fibres are tightly interlocked using high levels of pressure and heat, resulting in a dense, durable material lasting you seasons to come.
  • Versatile Pairing – transition from casual to formal

An autumn must-have: The Flat Cap

Autumn is the perfect time to transition to cosy textures and warm colours. The flat cap has emerged as a captivating accessory that seamlessly blends style and functionality for women. 

Once reserved for traditional menswear, the flat cap has undergone a remarkable evolution, finding its place as a statement piece that effortlessly complements the fall aesthetic. 

Rooted in history and exuding a hint of nostalgia, the flat cap is a shield against the elements, and a piece that invites you to embrace the beauty of changing landscapes, cosy moments by the fireplace, and the joy of nature’s rich tapestry. 

Key benefits:

  • Distinctive style statement – timeless design and standout accessory
  • Warmth and comfort – while we transition between warmth and cooler days, a cap adds just enough insulation for your head 
  • Weather protection – protection from the sun, UV rays and the rain – yet, completely charming

“Hats are really good quality and sizing is pretty accurate.  Ordering was very good and delivered really quickly.  For once a positive experience ordering off the internet can’t recommend the product and company high enough!”

Ian MardellDerby Tweed Cambridge Flat Cap

Cap it Off: Unique Style  

    As the leaves start to turn and the air gets crisper, it’s time to start thinking about incorporating some autumnal elements into your wardrobe. One item that should definitely be on your list is a stylish cap. Not only do caps add a touch of sportiness to any outfit, but they also provide the perfect combination of comfort and style. 

    At Walker and Hawkes we have many styles to choose from. Whether you prefer a Derby Tweed, Harris Tweed, or Waxed Cotton cap – there are plenty of options to choose from. The best part? Caps are incredibly versatile and can be paired with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a dress and boots. So, this autumn, don’t be afraid to embrace the cap trend and let your style shine! 

    Key benefits:

    • Warmth, protection and insulation – Caps add that extra layer of insulation and protection from the sun and rain – some of our caps are even waterproof.
    • Style and fashion – uniquely stylish, with a wide variety of colours and materials available – you’ll find something for every outfit. 
    • Lightweight and durable – made to be carried with you for sport, events or daily life. If you choose a durable cap, you’ll find one that lasts and offers up as a light companion for the adventures ahead. 

    “My husband says the baseball cap is very comfortable and a great improvement on the fabric one he was wearing. It is being worn everyday for dog walks and people have commented on how smart it looks.”

    Rachel WhiteWax Brunswick Baseball Cap

    Elegance in every detail: The Thelma Bow knot Hat

    As the cool embrace of autumn draws in, the Thelma Bow Knot Hat proves to be a reliable companion for the season. Its design is both stylish and practical, ensuring that you remain comfortable and fashionable despite the constantly changing weather. 

    The hat’s interior is made of 100% cotton and is meticulously crafted to provide a soft touch against your skin, while an inner trim band enhances comfort. 

    The exterior of the hat is made of 100% cotton, providing a waterproof barrier against unpredictable showers in autumn. The waxed hat design is adorned with a lovely tartan cotton trim, decorated with an elegant bow knot that adds a touch of sophistication to its timeless appearance. 

    Key benefits:

    • Stylish and practical – despite the British weather!
    • Enhanced comfort – a soft touch to the skin and made from 100% cotton
    • Waterproof barrier – protection against showers and daily impact
    • Tartan trim and elegant bow feature – adding a touch of sophistication to its timeless appearance

    “The Thelma Bow Knot hat that I have recently purchased from Walker and Hawkes is lovely to wear and a beautiful colour. I would definitely order from them again, very efficient ordering and well packed.”

    Susan CliftonLadies Wax Riding Thelma Bow Knot Hat w/ Tartan Trim

    Chic heritage: Wax Diana Country Hat

    What better way to add a touch of romance to your outfit than with your beautiful Diana hat? This versatile accessory is the perfect addition to any autumn look, whether you’re strolling through the park or shielding yourself whilst you nip round the shops. No more lugging around umbrellas, simply fold and stow it in your bag or pocket. 

    Its high-quality construction ensures it will last for years to come, and its easy-to store design makes it a convenient choice for any occasion.

    Key benefits:

    • Durable – waxed cotton is densely woven, making it one of the most durable fabrics in the world.
    • Waterproof – it is saturated with wax to make it completely waterproof.
    • Solid-feel – as usual, Walker and Hawkes hats give you a deep fit so it feels snug and firm around your head. Be sure to check our size guide.
    • 100% British Millerain Waxed Cotton – outer shell is made out of the finest waxed cotton available. British Millerain have been developing fabrics for over 140 years
    • Brimmed – the brim offers additional protection against heavy rain and the hot Sun.
    • Crushable – our Diana Hat can be folded away to carry around in your bag or pocket.

    “I bought the Diana Country Wax Hat. I am delighted with it. It looks good and I love the fact that I can pop it in my pocket until needed. It is then ready to wear straight away and looks great. With all the rain recently I’ve had lots of opportunities to wear it. The quality is good and it keeps the rain off. Happy with my purchase. I am thinking of buying another as a gift.”

    Erica Colver Ladies Wax Diana Country Hat

      Autumn is calling!

      As you prepare for the autumn months ahead, don’t forget to make room for a stylish hat in your wardrobe. It’s a small investment that yields big rewards in terms of style, comfort and confidence. 

      So, grab your favourite hat, layer up in your comfiest knits, and step into the season with a confident stride Autumn is calling, and you’re dressed to answer its invitation. 

      Psst.. don’t forget to check out our children’s looks. Perfect for your mini-me!

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