How To Measure Your Hat Size

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Whether a year-round hat lover or looking to be a winter warrior, get your head in the game with the essentials of how to measure your hat size. Finding the right fit can mean a world of difference between comfort and pain on those all-day outings. Measurements needed include your head,  typically the circumference of your head, to find the perfect-fitting hat size. So take a deep dive into how to find your correct hat size with the complete and easy guide below!

Why You Should Measure Your Head

Choosing the ideal size of your hat is an integral part of finding pleasure in wearing it.  The last thing you need is a large hat flying off with the wind or a smaller binding hat that imprints a band on your forehead or one that pinches into your skin. But, on the other hand, a correctly fitted hat sits lightly on your head and feels secure to wear while still roomy enough to let your head breathe. 

When you find the right hat size and buy your hat, you can check that your hat fits securely by shaking your head back and forth or by fully folding forward at your waist. If your hat stays put and doesn’t slip off, you have yourself a reliable hat in fit and size. 

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Reasons to sport a hat range from completing your fashion style to guarding you against the sun’s harmful rays or strong winds. More than just style or function, a sophisticated hat that fits perfectly enhances your entire face, complements your clothing, and can complete your style like a fully-tailored outfit.

While recommended to measure your head for a good fit, the only time to ignore this is with the one-size-fits-all hats featuring the convenience of adjustable straps. So whether you choose this or the complete process of measuring your head, go confidently with shopping for your great wardrobe-addition of hats and ones you can don for years to come. To figure out the correct hat size for you, follow the steps below to measure your head.

The Step-by-Step Process:

Supplies Needed

  • Measuring tape 
  • or a soft string or Ruler
1. Measure Your Head
  • Stand in front of a mirror for a clear view of your measurement.
  • Use either the tape measure or soft string to wrap around the widest part of your head evenly until the tape measure or string overlaps. Usually, this is above your eyebrows and at the center part of your forehead. 
  • Check that the tape or string is not too tight or too loose. 
  • For most accurate results, measure 3 – 4 times for consistent measurements.

2. Get Your Head Circumference

  • If using a tape measure, note the length in centimeters.
  • If using string, carefully hold onto the end-point of the measurement and line up the string against a ruler to record the size in centimeters.
3. Find Your Ideal Hat Size
  • Use the Hats Size Chart, such as the reference below, to find the size corresponding to your measured length. So, if your head circumference is  59 cm, your corresponding UK hat size is 7 ¼ or international size “L”.
  • If the measured head size is between two numbers, such as 57.5 cm, round up to the next whole number or 58cm and find the corresponding hat size. 
  • Or, if the measured head size is between two hat sizes on the chart, choose the next larger size up.
Hat Size Chart (International)


hat size guide chart

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