How To Dress For Your Upcoming Hunting And Shooting Trip

How To Dress For Your Upcoming Hunting And Shooting Trip

Contrary to popular belief, camouflage is not the only dress code required for hunting. Sure, it might improve your chances of staying hidden to catch your prey, but don’t forget that dressing in tweed coats and ties for successful hunts has always been a long-time tradition for thousands of men. And for today’s most stylish shooters visiting Britain’s huge and gorgeous countryside estates, much of it remains a tradition.

Fast forward a few centuries, hunting is now enjoyed by men and women of all ages and backgrounds and dress codes. While there are certain overtones of social structure among hunting groups, it is a pastime that many people enjoy and is gaining popularity throughout the world.

Here are some tips on how to dress for hunting and shooting so you can hunt and shoot in style.

Long Shooting Stockings

Most shooting socks are long and available in a variety of appealing designs and colors. Typically, they are composed of wool with a little amount of nylon added for sturdiness. It is strongly advised that you use garters with your socks to maintain the seam between them and your breeks weathertight and prevent them from dropping.


Breeks, also known as Plus Twos and Plus Fours, are trousers with two or four inches of cloth below the knee. Breeks constructed of weather-resistant and warm British tweed will either complement or contrast with your waistcoat and jacket. They are often adjustable at the side and calves and may be used for a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, golfing, or taking a stroll with friends and family.

Tweed Jacket

In warmer weather, a tweed jacket with three buttons and a single-breasted design is appropriate. It will almost always have a notch lapel. Peak lapels, on the other hand, are used by certain men as a conspicuous declaration that their jacket is custom. Unfortunately, some experts claim that if the wider peak lapel interferes with the gun’s butt, it can lower the quality of the shot.

A decent field coat or country jacket is important for colder temperatures. There are a variety of options available, like the tweed shooting hunting country jacket which has wider pockets that are great for transporting ammo.

Flat Cap

In the United Kingdom, a gentleman’s hat is a classic adornment. Men used to never leave the house without one, and the hat they wore was often used to identify a man’s social position. The iconic television drama Downton Abbey is a perfect example of this. If you’re a fan, you’ll note that the nobility wears a homburg or top hat with their formal attire, whilst the staff generally wears a bowler. Caps were worn by males during hunts in the same way that similar hats were used in society.  

The hunting shooting countrywear hat was the most popular type of cap, and it should be worn front-facing to shield your eyes from the sun. The fedora and even the trilby are two more options that became fashionable in the 1920s and beyond. The flat cap, which is generally made of tweed, is, nonetheless, always a traditional choice.

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