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The Timeless Allure of Wax Jackets

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Ah, the timeless wax jacket – a true icon of outdoor style. There’s something about the rugged, weathered look of these jackets that just screams adventure and romance. Made from durable cotton and treated with a special wax coating, these jackets are the perfect companion for any outdoor excursion, from a countryside hike to a seaside stroll. 

Originally designed for hunting and fishing, they’ve since become a beloved fashion staple, with their rugged charm and weather-resistant properties. 

So, whether you find yourself walking through the city or exploring the great outdoors, a wax jacket will keep you stylish and protected. 

Battling The Elements

Wax jackets are not your ordinary outerwear. They are more than just a fashion statement – they are a symbol of resilience against the toughest weather conditions. At the heart of a wax jacket’s exceptional weather resistance lies the waxed cotton coating fabric, which creates a protective shield against the elements.

The special wax coating works wonders in repelling rain, causing it to bead up and roll off the jacket’s surface, rather than seeping through. Whether you’re caught up in a sudden downpour or facing gusty winds, wax jackets will keep you comfortably dry and shielded from the harshest of weather conditions – this is one of the main reasons why wax jackets have remained so popular and reliable for generations, both in outdoor and everyday settings.

“Already bought once in the past, truly exceptional! Great product.”

Men’s Wax Hawthorn Jacket

    A Wardrobe Investment

    Not just another piece of clothing, wax jackets are crafted with attention to detail and made with high-quality materials that have stood the test of time. 

    The waxed cotton fabric used to make these jackets provides excellent weather resistance and acts as a shield against wear and tear, making them a reliable companion for many years. As the jacket ages, it develops a unique character and patina that adds to its charm, making it a statement piece. 

    A symbol of durability, versatility and sustainability – with proper care, it can last for a lifetime, making it a smart choice for anyone who values long-lasting outerwear. 

    Find out how we are wearing our Wax Jackets here:

      “Can’t wait for the cold weather so I can get maximum use.  Brilliant coat. Thank you!.”

      Men’s Cupra Wax Poacher Jacket

      A Jacket Uniquely Shaped To Your History

        As we mentioned above, wax jackets have the unique ability to age gracefully with their owner and develop a patina over time. More than just a jacket, they have a soul that reflects a history of adventures and experiences. With every crease mark, they tell a story that creates a garment that is truly one-of-a-kind. 

        As the waxed cotton fabric ages, it takes on a character and depth that is not found in any other garment. The jacket slowly softens, becoming more comfortable and personalised to the wearer. The beauty of this distinctive aging process is that it not only adds to the charm of the jacket but also ensures that it becomes a cherished heirloom, passed down through generations while maintaining its enduring appeal. 

          “Outstanding value for price, superb quality, looking forward to wearing it.”

          Ladies Wax Sofia Jacket

          The Perfect Balance of Form and Function

          Wax jackets are the embodiment of versatility – a true jack-of-all-trades when it comes to outdoor activities. Whether you’re conquering rugged trails or navigating the concrete jungle, wax jackets prove to be reliable companions. What’s more, they effortlessly transition between various environments and weather conditions, making them a must-have for anyone seeking the perfect blend of style and functionality. 

          Ideal for keeping rain at bay, but their benefits don’t just stop there. Their inherent breathability ensures that moisture and excess heat can escape., keeping you comfortable even while engaging in strenuous physical activities. 

          “I love this coat – and realise now how poor my previous coat from another company was!  This coat is warm and wind-proof and is of superb quality – heavy-duty zip etc.  I am so delighted – it looks stylish but more importantly for me, it really does the job of an all-weather dog-walking coat.  You’ve restored my faith in UK companies and UK manufacturing.  It’s brilliant!  Thank you!.”

          DeniseWax Stockman Cape Coat

          Serves Its Purpose

          Maintaining a wax jacket is not only easy but environmentally friendly too. These jackets age gracefully, and a simple rewaxing can restore their water-resistant properties, extending their lifespace. At Walker and Hawkes we offer a wide range of wax jackets that come in many styles and variations. From classic to contemporary, we have a jacket that suits your taste and budget. 

          Featuring an array of functional pockets, strategically placed to keep your essentials close at hand. We know how important it is to have a jacket that not only looks good but also serves its purpose. That’s why our collection of jackets are designed specifically to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

          Like to restore your wax jacket? We have the perfect solution with our Wax Cotton Dressing Reproof Protection For Clothing/Jackets.

            A Living Legacy!

            Wax jackets are more than just a piece of clothing, they are a symbol of heritage and history, reflecting the lives of those who wear them. They are a tribute to the past, a celebration of the present, and a promise of the future. 

            So, if you’re looking for a jacket that will stand the test of time and tell a story as unique as your own, look no further than the wax jacket. 

            Explore our collection today and find your perfect wax jacket that’s both eco-conscious and fashionable.

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