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From fields to fashion: How to transition your country style into a modern city look

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If you’re looking to add a touch of rural charm to your urban lifestyle, or are simply wanting to switch things up from the hustle and bustle of city living, get ready for the perfect blend of rustic appeal and metropolitan allure. 

Stepping out of the serene countryside and into the city doesn’t mean leaving your beloved country fashion behind.  

Blend with your urban favourites

Combining country clothing with urban style creates a comfortable and stylish look. Here are some tips to blend the two seamlessly:

  • Begin by selecting a favourite clothing item, such as a tweed blazer, cable-knit sweater, or classic denim jeans, to serve as the foundation of your outfit. 
  • Combine different textures to add depth and intrigue to your outfit. For example, pair a rustic country jacket with sleek leather trousers or denim for a striking contrast.

“Received my jacket very promptly by post, it’s excellent quality and exactly what I ordered. Nice and lightweight, easy to wear, just a T-shirt underneath – looks great too!”

David Bryne – Men’s Belted Waxed 4 Pocket Motorcycle Explorer Jacket

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Layer thoughtfully

Layering different styles is key to fashion fusion. Why not try a wax jacket over a dress or a cosy country sweater with a pair of urban looking jeans and a strong hat to help with the unpredictable British weather.

“Love it, love it love it! I bought something very similar many years ago in Madeira and wanted something as close as possible without the ability to travel at the moment. This is super! I’m normally a 12, but they say to get a size down if you want a snug fit rather than a comfortably loose fit, so I went for the 8-10 somewhat nervously. It fits like a glove and I’m living in it! I have in fact ordered two more of the jumpers.”

Carol Blackwood – Ladies Merino Wool Donna Cardigan

Experiment with lengths

For an undeniably stylish look and feel, try layering shorter pieces over longer ones – for example, a longer shirt or sweater peeking out from under a shorter jacket or cardigan. Or a shorter jacket with a long dress can add depth and character to your outfit.

“I love this jacket! Perfect in size, quick delivery and absolutely what I was looking for!”

Hilde Metter Person – Ladies Wax Victoria Jacket

Master the art of matching items

Matching textures and patterns is a key element in creating a stylish and visually appealing outfit. Here’s how to master the art of texture and pattern coordination:

  • Opt for subtle patterns:  Choose one dominant pattern and one or two subtle patterns. For example, pair a boldly striped shirt with a subtle patterned scarf and solid trousers. 
  • Match colours: Keep a consistent colour scheme between your textures and patterns. Select colours that match or complement each other to create a harmonious palette. 
  • Consider the size: Combine patterns of varying sizes. If your focal pattern is large, choose smaller-scale patterns or textures in other parts of your outfits to avoid overwhelming the look. 
  • Colour palette: Stick to a limited colour palette to prevent your outfit from becoming overpowering. Too many competing colours can detract from the overall style.

At Walker and Hawkes, we believe that not all caps are meant to be casual. Why not try matching your cap to your jacket and accessories for a fresh and unique style that’s not only comfortable but beautifully versatile too – taking you from an everyday look to events with ease. 

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Roger Robe – Harris Tweed Brungton Baseball Cap with Suede Leather Peak

Find the balance of smart-casual

Dressing smart casual is all about achieving a balanced blend of polished sophistication and relaxed comfort. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you effortlessly master the art of smart casual dressing:

  • Start with well-fitting basics: Begin with well-fitting staple pieces as the foundation of your outfit. Choose items like smart tailored trousers, shirts or even perhaps jeans that fit you perfectly. 
  • Combine dressy and casual: Mix dressier elements like blouses, button fitted shirts, or lightweight knit sweaters with more casual pieces like jackets.
  • Choose quality fabrics: Opt for high-quality fabrics that convey a sense of refinement, such as cotton, tweed and wool. Quality materials elevate the overall appearance of your outfit. 
  • Add a blazer or shooting jacket: Integrate a blazer or a jacket to instantly elevate your look. It adds a touch of sophistication without feeling overly formal

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Hat’s off – mastering smart-casual with a hat

Adding a hat to the mix can really change and elevate your look. The key lies in the balance between formal and relaxed elements. Opt for classic hat styles like fedoras, up-scale caps, or flat caps, as they exude sophistication without being overly formal.

Pair your chosen hat with versatile wardrobe staples such as tailored blazers, well-fitted jeans and crips shirts. Think about colours and patterns that will complement the smart casual aesthetic. 

Remember, the goal is to create a harmonious fashion fusion of polished and laid-back, where the hat serves as a tasteful accessory that completes your ensemble. 

    “I now have two Walker and Hawkes caps. They are beautifully made and keep me very warm on cold days. They look stylish too. I would recommend!”

    Stephen Goulding – Harris Tweed Oakmoor Flat Cap

    Stylish comforts

      Amidst the vibrant cityscape, knitwear emerges as a versatile and stylish companion. Its snug embrace caters to the demands of urban life while adding a touch of elegance to your attire. 

      Whether it’s a cardigan to wear over your shirt, or a jumper paired with a sharp coat, knitwear effortlessly combines comfort with fashion. 

      You can enjoy the city’s pace even more when you’re wrapped in the cosinesss of knit textures, making your way through the bustling street with panache and comfort.

      “Great value, lovely and warm – looks great too!”

      Kim Hull – Ladies Merino Wool Donna Cardigan 
      Men’s Supersoft Merino Wool Darlaston Jumper

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        Wear with confidence and enjoy! 

        Just remember that style transcends borders, whether you’re wearing a timeless blazer or comfortable, sturdy boots. As city and country lifestyles mix, our clothing choices become a blank canvas for our self-expression.

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