A Guide To Styling A Gilet For Men And Women

A Guide To Styling A Gilet For Men And Women

One of the finest winter clothing hacks we’ve come across is wearing a gilet to keep warm. To the untrained eye, a gilet appears to be an unsuitable cold-weather garment. After all, why would you choose a sleeveless jacket to keep warm? The gilet, often known as a “body warmer,” was designed with utility in mind.

Although there are many styles and types of gilets to choose from, our guide helps to provide some tips and insights on how to style a gilet. 

When Should You Wear A Gilet?

It’s your go-to outerwear piece for all kinds of storms and keeping you warm but not too toasty. The gilet is a fantastically versatile additional layer that you can add or remove as needed, making it great for those in-between-season days when the weather isn’t sure whether to come or go. You may easily wear your gilet as a lightweight single item on calmer days. Wear it as an extra mid-layer inside a heavy coat on those very cold winter days when you need all the warmth you can get.

How to Wear A Gilet: A Guide for Men

A gilet is a great casual outerwear garment for all types of outdoor activities, giving optimal warmth and ease of movement. A men’s gilet is a fashionable and practical choice whether you’re going fishing, walking the dog, or simply strolling around town.

If you’re looking for a casual cold-weather suit for guys, consider a padded body warmer or a fleece gilet, which will keep you warm while still giving you a fashionable look. Match your insulated gilet with a checked shirt layered underneath a traditional crew neck jumper and you are ready for a trip to the cold British countryside.

If you are opting for a more formal style, consider a waistcoat or tweed gilet which will be perfect for meeting friends at the bar, attending a special function, or even as workwear. Pair with chinos or moleskin pants and a stylish Oxford shirt. 

How to Wear A Gilet: A Guide for Women

The cushioning keeps you warm and comfy, while the thin fit gives you a charming appearance. The pink tweed shooting waistcoat country gilet provides a traditional touch of country, making it ideal for looking and feeling the part when strolling through the countryside. Add a waxed jacket on top if you need more insulation from the cold. Combine your quilted gilet with a pair of skinny jeans and wellington boots to keep your feet dry.

What is The Proper Fit for A Gilet?

A gilet’s perfect fit is determined by a variety of factors, including gilet types, brands, what you wear with it, and personal choice. However, as a general guideline, the armholes should be large enough to comfortably fit many layers below while still being fitting enough to allow you to put a winter jacket over the top. To guarantee a comfortable and flattering fit, the gilet’s body should fit tightly around your waist.

While this is a rough guideline for fitting your gilet, the final fit will be determined by your own choice and how you use it.

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