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Women’s Style Guide: How To Wear A Tweed Jacket

Women's Style Guide: How To Wear A Tweed Jacket

Tweed jackets have improved so much in terms of trim and style in recent years that they have steadily made their way to the forefront of professional wear. These jackets are fantastic because they look sophisticated, comparable to traditional blazers, but come with softer tones and can be matched in a multitude of ways. In this article, we will show you how to style a tweed jacket for women.


You will quickly modernize your tweed jacket when worn with thin jeans, slim-fit jeans, straight-leg jeans, or cropped flared jeans. But one tip remains if you want to maintain a more classy style: choose jeans that have few to no rips.


Replace your denim outerwear with a tweed jacket to wear with your shorts on a cooler summer day if you need to prep a throw-on for your long day out. A tweed jacket looks fabulous with any kind of shorts, from lace to denim and Bermuda styles.


A matching tweed outfit, which includes a jacket and a tweed skirt, is incredibly feminine and reminds us of royalties. But if you’re not attending a formal occasion, though, you might want to split up or remix these pieces so you don’t come off as being too pretentious.

High Heels

To add to our previous point, investing in a tweed skirt suit can help to unleash your inner queen. The suit-up appearance is excellent for fancy occasions and the formal office when paired with high heels. Wear a plain shirt under the jacket if you’re worried about seeming too over the top.

Dress Down

A tweed jacket like our Women’s Jack Murphy Sasha Tweed Jacket is a must-have for women who wish to appear elegant both in the office and after work hours. Since a tweed jacket, like a blazer, is a timeless garment, it can look wonderfully stylish when toned down and worn casually with a basic tee. It smoothly shifts from work to play when you do so.

Leather Bottoms

If dressing down is too informal for you, try pairing your tweed jacket with a pair of sleek leather bottoms. After all, you can try out different prints and textiles that may win you the title of style expert. This pairing is ideal for a first date or a gathering with friends.

Button-Up Shirts

There are some fail-safe combos you may attempt if you might not want to go all-out dressy in a tweed suit but still want to seem sophisticated and office-appropriate. Well, you can’t go far wrong with a basic button-up shirt and a tweed country blazer jacket. Ruffled satin blouses are also a terrific alternative for adding more refinement and femininity to your ensemble.

A tweed jacket is a classic item of clothing that will work in any woman’s closet inventory, whether she works in an office or a more casual environment. It is a fantastic jacket to slip on wherever you go and a wise investment fashion statement because it looks just as well in off-duty outfits as it does in professional ones. Use our above style guide to help you nail the look you desire to achieve.

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