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Why Choose Walker & Hawkes?

Why Choose Walker and Hawkes

Walker & Hawkes strives to bring you premium garments by combining expert craftsmanship with the finest fabrics in the world. We aim to differentiate ourselves with excellent customer service and quality clothing. Walker & Hawkes is passionate about innovative design and we are always looking at improving our designs to bring you apparel that keeps you protected during your outdoor activities. With Walker & Hawkes, you can be assured of top-quality country wear that can last you for years to come.

About Walker & Hawkes 

Walker & Hawkes was first established in 1982 in Birmingham, UK. We started off as a family business in the manufacturing and wholesaling of country wear. In the 1980s, we started to produce wax jackets and gradually expanded into more styles, such as hats and gilets, using different fabrics. We introduced tweed garments in the 2000s, and they have become some of our most popular sellers since. Today, the established Walker & Hawkes brand has developed into a thriving online business. 

Benefits of Choosing Walker & Hawkes’s Country Clothing

There are many reasons why you can be sure that purchasing country clothing from Walker & Hawkes will be a great decision.

Firstly, we stock a large selection of country wear for men, women, and children. We offer many different styles in a variety of colorways, ensuring that you can choose the perfect apparel to suit your outdoor pursuits. You can purchase Tweed Jackets, Shooting Breeks, Flat Caps, Blazers, Wax Jackets, Baseball Caps, and more from us! For men, our timeless and rugged styles will ensure you have that vintage aura with a contemporary twist. For women, our effortlessly stylish yet practical pieces will enhance your elegance and sophistication.

Secondly, our garments are made from world-renowned fabrics, such as Abraham Moon and Harris Tweed ©, and Derby Tweed, British Millerain, and Merino Wool. Besides our in-house designs, we also stock premium country wear brands such as Champion, Jack Murphy, and House of Cheviot. No matter what your taste in fashion is, our well-stocked inventory is sure to meet your requirements.

Thirdly, we are huge believers in adapting to changes, which is why selling clothes online is an important part of our business. This makes it easier for you to shop our apparel, as you no longer need to travel long distances and wait in queues. With a simple click of the button, our clothes can be shipped to you, no matter domestic or international customers!

Why Buy Country Wear from Walker & Hawkes?

Gone are the days when your outdoor clothes look drab and boring. At Walker & Hawkes, our stylish clothes are a testament to the fact that outdoor clothes can, in fact, look amazing! Better yet, our apparel doesn’t just look good but also keeps you protected from the weather. Walker & Hawkes is determined to stay true to our slogan: ‘Whatever The Outdoor Pursuit, We’ve Got You Covered’.

If you have any questions about ordering Walker & Hawkes’ country clothing for men, women, and children, feel free to contact us today.