What’s So Special About Harris Tweed Cloth?

What's So Special About Harris Tweed Cloth?

The Harris Tweed fabric cloth is an all-natural invention that requires years of practice to yield and can only be handwoven by inhabitants in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. With its solidly built hand feel, high-density texture, life-long longevity, and captivating streaks of colour, the Harris Tweed cloth is unique. For the islanders of Northern Scotland, heritage, tradition, and a century-old fabric legacy have become a lifestyle choice. It’s such a niche product that, in 1933, an Act of Parliament was established to preserve its originality and quality control standards against imitation, making it the first fabric in the world to be officially regulated.


Any fabric that is legitimately Harris Tweed is spun in a weaver’s shed on the Isle of Harris, which is what makes it so distinct. As a result, every hat, bag, or scarf you see with the trademark orb emblem was handwoven in someone’s house.


The Harris Tweed Act of 1993 establishes a legal requirement that every meter of Harris Tweed meets strict specifications and complies with the legal standard of Harris Tweed. If you notice the orb mark, you can be sure the fabric was made according to the Act’s guidelines.

Filled With Colours

Harris Tweed is frequently said to require a magnifying loupe to fully appreciate its magnificence. When you look at the tweed with a magnifying lens, you will spot the many different colours that may be found in one strand of yarn. One string may have up to 12 colours, and there are over 60 colours to pick from. These hues were initially dyed with dyes from native flora and lichens and mirror the scenery of Scotland.

Natural And Practical

Handwoven weaving processes with low environmental effect and a legal necessity to use natural raw materials: this is the Harris Tweed we know. It’s also constructed entirely of fresh wool, which keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. It readily resists water, wear and tear, cleans up pretty quickly, and can be restored with the most basic of equipment. Just ask your vendor if you want to know the exact cloth specifications and information.

Will Never Go Out Of Style

You may pay a bit extra at the point of purchase, but the fabric will pay for itself over time. The material never goes out of fashion and only improves with time. With each passing month, the world’s top artists, designers, and fashion brands have upheld Harris Tweed, expressing their gratitude via their beautiful works. Harris Tweed isn’t only for the runway; customized interiors benefit from the unique touch of elegance that only Harris Tweed can provide.

Harris Tweed is the only commercially available handwoven textile worldwide, which distinguishes it from other fabrics. Unlike most wool, the wool is coloured before it is produced, combining a variety of colours into the yarn to get the desired shade. The resultant fabric has a depth and richness that is unmatched by any other tweed and you will know it once you own a men’s Harris Tweed garment.

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