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What To Wear For Grouse Shooting Season

What To Wear For Grouse Shooting Season

How quickly the year passes! We’re already in the dog days of summer, and the Glorious Twelfth beckons. Now that we’re close to grouse shooting season, here’s our guide for what to wear to keep comfortable throughout.

What to Prepare For

The season begins on August 12 and stretches until December 10. This two-month window opens us up to rapidly-changing weather – we move from the last, sultry days of summer, to the crisp of autumn, to the cold of winter. As far as gear goes, this means that you need to be prepared for potentially harsh weather towards the end of season. If you’re doing your shooting at the start of the season, however, you can dress for milder weather. Whenever your trip falls, this guide is here to help you prepare for dressing in grouse shooting season.

Jackets and Coats

A good-quality jacket or coat keeps you warm and dry during the season’s colder months. Look for a jacket that is well-insulated while you’re out on the moors – our ideal jacket or coat is durable and hard-wearing, while soft and comfortable on the inside. For the style-conscious, Derby tweed is always a classic design. A fleece-lined coat is also a good choice for keeping warm, while wax shooting jackets marry function and form. Dark colors, such as olive and green, are always the perfect choice, as they keep you camouflaged out on the moors.

If you’re keeping your hunt to August or September however, we recommend a lighter and more breathable alternative to a jacket or goat, such as gilet.


If your venture falls in the later part of the season, you’ll need more than a jacket or coat. Layering up is the best option – think jumpers, sweatshirts and knitwear. A high-quality wool blend jumper can keep you warm even in the coldest months.


When it comes to grouse shooting, you want a below-the-knee cut that ensures that your boots take the brunt of all that mud and water, keeping your legs dry. Trousers – or breeks – designed specifically for shooting are a practical alternative to loose-fitting or full-length trousers. While perfect for many other environments, those types of trousers tend to merely soak up the water when it comes to grouse shooting.


A grouse shooting trip can last for hours, and you’ll want to keep your feet comfortable throughout. You want a pair of footwear that keeps your feet toasty, and that have enough leg guard to keep the mud away on dry days. A reliable pair of wellingtons will never let you down. Another practical option are knee-length boots.


When you’ve got your outfit down pat, it’s time to consider the accessories you’ll need. Having the right accessories can help you complete your attire and make it as functionable as it can be. Socks and hats will keep you warm during the winter cold, and make a stylish complement to your outfit.

Now that you’ve got all you need, you can head off and enjoy the glories of grouse shooting season!

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