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Ways To Wear A Dress Shirt Under A Jumper

Ways To Wear A Dress Shirt Under A Jumper

Wearing a dress shirt under a jumper can be a creative way to make a fashion statement whether you are looking to achieve a casual or formal look. However, you need to understand some fashion dos to be able avoid styling your shirt and jumper wrongly. Read along to find tips to help you create a style powerhouse with your shirt and jumper.

Pick the Right Dress Shirt

To avoid bunching under the jumper, be sure to choose a dress shirt that fits you well in the shoulders, sleeves, and waist. If you can’t find a shirt that is fitted, you can take the one you have to the tailor for fittings. Additionally, it will be beneficial to choose a thin dress if you are trying to achieve a neat, crisp look.

Choose a Short-Sleeve Shirt in Warmer Weather

Besides looking great under a jumper, a short-sleeve dress shirt will keep you cool in the warm weather by reducing the number of layers on your arms. Likewise, it will prevent your shirt from causing lumps under the sweater sleeves.

Wear a Crew Neck Jumper for a Professional Look

Pairing your dress shirt with a crew neck jumper is a great way to maintain a professional appearance for your business meetings. Wearing your jumper and shirt like this will serve you the classic vibe as you walk into the office or conference room. You can pair the look with some slacks and leave the collar of the shirt tucked in if the collar of the jumper is very tight.

Wear a V-neck Jumper With a Tie

When pairing a dress shirt with a jumper, wearing a tie will immediately upgrade the style to a classic professional look. The rectangular shape of the collar of your V-neck jumper will frame the tie neatly. As long as your jumper and shirt fits properly, you will be able to pull off this look cleanly.

Wear Neutral Colors for a Conservative Look

Wearing neutral shades of blue fabric will bring out your professional side more. Choose neutral shades like black, gray, white and the likes for your tie, jumper and shirt. Even though your outfit will still look nice if you pair neutral shades together, avoid wearing the same shade throughout.

Mix Solid Colors With Patterns

If you have a fun personality, mixing solid colors with patterns will help to show your personality. You can choose to wear a patterned shirt with a solid-colored tie or a solid shirt under a patterned jumper. However, don’t wear several patterns in one outfit as it creates quite unpleasant similarities. You can check out our men’s wool jumper and ladies wool jumper.

Tuck Your Shirt

For a date night, presentation at work, or an interview, you can tuck your shirt into your trousers to impress.  Letting your shirt hang out under your jumper is a bit sloppy and will ruin the impression you are trying to make. Ensure that you do the tucking neatly to avoid lumps in your trousers.

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