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Faux Fur Harrison Trapper Hat

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The ideal cold-weather hat to keep your noggin’ warm, cosy and snug.

Our Harrison Hat is lined with a smooth, velvety Faux Fur lining for a rich feel on your skin. Showerproof and windproof with multiple features to provide extra warmth for your head and face.

A must-have accessory for avid outdoor enthusiasts who won’t let any weather deter them. The Faux Fur lining is soft and thick to keep your head and ears warm, with an adjustable chin strap to give yourself a firm, snug fit. A studded face cover gives you that extra bit of warmth for your mouth and nose.  

The showerproof outer shell prevents your head getting soaked in snow or rain. And if that isn’t enough protection, studs can infold the front peak to cover your forehead for full protection.

The trapper hat, also known as an aviator or bomber hat, has a rich history going back to early 1900s. They were originally designed to keep pilots and soldiers warm during WW1. However, they quickly gained popularity amongst civilians for their functionality and style. The hats usually feature a fur lining and ear flaps to protect against cold weather. In the 1920s and 1930s, trapper hats became a fashion statement and were worn by famous actors and elite socialites. Today, trapper hats remain a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts – hence why we have included them in our collection.

We have been developing hats for 20+ years here at Walker & Hawkes, so you can be sure of excellent craftsmanship and quality.

Comes in a deep black colour and available in 2 sizes. We have a selection of outdoor clothing which can complement your Harrison Hat.

Be sure to accurately measure your head and check against our size guide to get the deep, solid fit you should expect from a Walker & Hawkes cap.

Lightly sponge clean with cold water to preserve the quality of your hat.

  • Cold-weather hat – soft and warm faux fur lining with fastenings to keep your head, ears, mouth and nose warm.
  • Designed with 20+ years experience – we’ve been developing hats for 20+ years. So you can be assured of excellent craftsmanship.
  • Windproof – firm-fitting and enclosures protect you from cold gusts.
  • Shower-proof – water-resistant outer shell prevents a soaked head and face.
  • Solid feel – as usual, Walker and Hawkes hats give you a deep fit, so it feels snug and firm around your head. Be sure to check our size guide.
  • Your Harrison Trapper Hat will be dispatched quickly and safely.
  • Complete the look with our range of outdoor clothing.
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses, including: shooting, hiking, horse-riding, farming, fashion, outerwear, dog walking and more!

Key Features

  • Outer shell is made from 100% Polyamide.
  • Inner lining is Faux Fur made from 100% Polyester.
  • Removable studded face cover.
  • Chin strap.
  • Extendable studded forehead flap.


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