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Leather Cowhide Outback Braided Canyon Hat


A cowboy-style hat made from premium cowhide leather. Lightweight and breathable to keep you cool during your outdoor pursuits.

Finished with a braided leather band for a fine finish. Our Canyon Hat is made from 100% full-grain leather – a fabric with a character and depth hard to find anywhere else. Your Canyon Hat will be a perfect choice to top off your cowboy look, with the distressed leather giving the hat an aged, vintage look.

Stylistically versatile, but by no means is functionality lacking. Full-grain leather is taken from the toughest part of the hide, so is known to be the strongest leather available.

Guaranteed to protect your head whether it’s sunny, rainy or windy. 

The premium leather is naturally waterproof, so rain will bounce off your hat, with the wide-brim offering further protection for your face and eyes. This wide-brim is perfect for the summer months too – protecting your face and eyes from the Sun with its UPF 50+ rating. The air-vented eyelets on each side of the hat keep air flow for your head to keep it as cool and dry as possible. A leather chin strap can be fastened around your chin to prevent the hat flying off during those windy days. This chin cord can be easily removed and is attached to the inside of the hat so you won’t need to worry about holes in the side of your hat!

An internal sweatband prevents perspiration from soaking through and damaging the quality of your leather. When you need to pack away your hat for short periods of time – your Canyon Hat will spring back to its original shape as it is crushable.

We’ve been designing hats for 20+ years here at Walker & Hawkes, so you can be assured of expert craftsmanship.

Our Canyon Hat is made from leather which is intentionally distressed. This process involves carefully crafting the leather to give it an aged, worn-out look. The result is a vintage look unique to each and every hat, which all look like they have their own story. 

Choose between 2 colours – Brown and Beige. Both colourways have aged tones for a vintage touch. Finished with a braided leather band for a fine finish to your leisure wardrobe. Complete the country look with our selection of outdoor clothing. Shirts, jackets, gilets and more available.

Measure yourself accurately and check against our size guide to get the perfect fit you expect from a Walker & Hawkes hat.

Maintain the quality of your leather products with our Waterproofer and Conditioner Spray for Leather Hats. Improving its longevity and waterproof capabilities – you’ll not need another hat for a long time!

  • 100% full-grain leather – full-grain leather is known as the strongest and most durable type of leather. As well as having the natural richness of colour you would expect from quality leather.
  • Waterproof – crafted from the toughest part of the hide, so is naturally waterproof.
  • Personal look – shapeable steel wire in the brim can be customised to suit your style.
  • Wide-brim – the waterproof wide-brim will protect you in both the Sun and rain. 
  • UPF 50+ – the highest rating possible for fabrics. Protects you from 98%+ of harmful UV rays.
  • Leather chin strap – fasten under your chin to prevent the hat flying off in heavy winds. It is attached to the inside of your hat so you can detach it without having holes in the side of your hat.
  • Inner Sweatband – helps prevent perspiration from damaging your leather.
  • Crushable – your Canyon Hat will spring back to original shape when crushed or folded for short periods of time.
  • Your Canyon Hat will be dispatched quickly and safely in a bubble-wrapped W&H box.
  • Available in Brown and Beige.
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses, including: shooting, hiking, horse-riding, farming, fashion, outerwear, dog walking and more!

Key Features

  • 100% full-grain cowhide leather.
  • Removable chin strap with an adjustable toggle.
  • 4 air-vented brass eyelets (2 each side of crown).
  • Steel wire in brim.
  • UPF 50+ rating.
  • Embossed Walker and Hawkes logo on inside crown.
  • Crown height – approx. 3 inches (7.5cm).
  • Brim length – approx. 2.5 inches (6.5cm).
  • Leather braided band with 6 brass studs.

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Beige, Brown