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Premium Cowhide Leather Strip Cord 1.9mm Thickness String


Product Code: CWHDECHNCRDP Category

A Flexible and durable Cowhide Leather Cord made from Premium Cowhide Leather. Available in a variety of thickness and lengths. Leather Cord ideal for Jewellery, bracelets, decorating, manufacturing whips, DIY tasks and crafts. Please note this cord has thickness of 1.9mm. Please note any length purchased will be sent as a continuous length.


Width/2mm Length/100m, Width/2mm Length/10m, Width/2mm Length/1m, Width/2mm Length/25m, Width/2mm Length/2m, Width/2mm Length/50m, Width/2mm Length/5m, Width/3mm Length/100m, Width/3mm Length/10m, Width/3mm Length/1m, Width/3mm Length/25m, Width/3mm Length/2m, Width/3mm Length/50m, Width/3mm Length/5m, Width/4mm Length/100m, Width/4mm Length/10m, Width/4mm Length/1m, Width/4mm Length/25m, Width/4mm Length/2m, Width/4mm Length/50m, Width/4mm Length/5m, Width/5mm Length/100m, Width/5mm Length/10m, Width/5mm Length/1m, Width/5mm Length/25m, Width/5mm Length/2m, Width/5mm Length/50m, Width/5mm Length/5m


Black, Brown, Orange, Tan